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We have been operating on the Italian market since 1971, founding “Francescano Natura Assisi” brand with the intent of promoting the quality of Italian gourmet. In 2009 the brand has been acquired by our company “Buongiorno Italia srl”, is so placed at the center of a careful strategy of development with the continuous addition of new innovative items, with original packaging and design, able to meet all the need and tastes of consumers.

We are proud of bringing the authenticity of “Made in Italy” all over the world.

The idea was to promote the quality, authenticity and the traditional of italian food product, in Italy and in the world. Italy was in fact more generous for its inhabitants thanks to its climate to allow to have wheat, barley, rice, truffles, olives and grapes of the highest quality that the Franciscans used to have bread, rice, oil and wine , which, in small amounts, allowed to have highly genuine products.

The will to continue to grow and the ability to enhance traditional and local products is a primary and decisive factor our company. Nowadays we are an established commercial group operating on the international market, exporting and supplying, since many years, several Italian Duty free airports managing to become one of the main suppliers of LS Travel Retail and Rome Leonardo Da Vinci Duty free airport.

Over the last decade, the growth of demand of our liqueurs has been exponential and we introduced and expanded the already wide range of liqueurs, cream liqueurs milk based and limoncelli.

Tradition and the newest production co-exist in the multitude of items with refined and unusual flavors. With a hint of pride we added to our spearhead the mark I.G.P. of limoncello Amalfi and Sorrento, we launched various exclusive items, small delicious liqueurs “miniature” bottles of limoncello and cream of milk-based liqueurs chocolate & rum, white chocolate, hazelnut, pistach, arachidi and fruity flavors: melon, peach, banana, lemon. For the entire range of miniature we have also provided a particular case container with glamorous and original packaging. Further innovations are also the charming spirits pocket-sized liqueurs bottles and the real novelty of last year are the “Chemist bottles,” with their original shape in an antique style that bring to mind “the past”, these liqueurs are made with infusion of distilled flowers and natural extracts, the range includes Gentian, Licorice, Amaro, Amaretto, Coffee, Sambuca and finally Rattafia.

Our business is a source of pride for us and our deeper intent is to satisfy our customers promoting the authenticity of Italian products worldwide.

Ready to respond to large supply requests. The will and the ability to enhance traditional and local products is a primary and decisive factor our company.

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